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Bad Blood on Netflix Dec.7th

by Madison Medeiros,, 05.Dec.2018

Crime lovers, rejoice. If you've caught up on Narcos: Mexico and are itching for more organized-crime stories, Netflix has the cure for you in its latest series, Bad Blood. The show, which originally aired on City TV in Canada, loosely tells the true story of a Montreal mafia led by infamous gangster, Vito Rizzuto.

The six-part first season is based off of Business of Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto's Last War by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards, which delves into the final, violent years of the vicious mafioso's life. Throughout the action-packed series, viewers follow Rizzuto and his clan of loyal thugs as they run one of the biggest and most successful international drug smuggling operations out of the Port of Montreal and distribute cocaine and heroin across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Things get messy for the Montreal Mafia, however, when Rizzuto is extradited to the United States to serve prison time for his involvement in a 1981 triple murder connected to New York's Bonanno Mafia. While he's away, his right-hand man, Declan Gardiner, takes over the operation, and from there unfolds a story of greed and revenge.

Like any great mob story, you can expect all sorts of drama from Bad Blood, as Rizzuto and Co. square off with their adversaries, try to stay off of the Quebec Superior Court's radar, struggle to maintain their lucrative relationships with rival crime units, and battle growing tensions within the family.

Though much has changed since Rizzuto died in 2013, the Mafia still operates today. In fact, Edwards claimed in a piece he wrote for The Star that "a Rizzuto-related mob hit" took place in Montreal "the night before principal filming began there."


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