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Yay! We got Milan Sukunda!

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Top Left Entertainment is thrilled to announce that Milan Sukunda has joined the team.

“The more you do in life...”, said the follicly challenged Creative Director with the serial killer smile, “…the more you can bring to the table”. And with 28+ years in Brand, Retail & Interactive Advertising, (as well as Film & Television production), Milan has brought some pretty impressive work to a crapload of tables.

Having cut his teeth at some pretty sharp agencies, Milan has worked on many award-winning brand, retail and promotional campaigns. And while there is nothing wrong with winning awards, and being recognized by judges & peers (who owe you favours), Milan is even more proud of his ability to lead projects, manage creative teams and inspire young creatives to think and work in different ways.

While his sense of humour ranges from whimsical to black-hole, his passion for the business is both laser focused and strategic.

Milan can play either inside or outside the box. Some say, that if you hold his bio up to your ear, you can hear the ocean…or the distant faint cry of Milan yelling “Someone needs to clean the box!”


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